Restoring World Peace,Water Knows


We feel relaxed, calm and clear-minded when we hear the water, see the water, get close to it, or touch it. Why so? Is it because life comes from water? Is it because water and life are closely related? Or is it because we simply cannot live without it? All of the above may be true. Our close relation with water is innate. When life is being...

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Achieving the Harmony of the Universe through Religious Education


Dr Arnold Toynbee, a British historian, once said, ‘The true purpose of a higher religion is to radiate the spiritual counsels and truths … ’ His statement expresses the same idea with the meanings of religion in Chinese characters 宗教, zongjiao. The Chinese character 宗, zong, has three meanings: principal, important, and revered. Jiao, 教, means...

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A King Who Dearly Loved His People


Today, we are here to honour the memory of His Majesty King Bhumibol and remember his spirit of ‘loving the people as his own children’. Let us take this opportunity to think more deeply about the sustainable development of humankind and to devise practical strategies towards that goal. We hope not only that Thailand remains ‘the happiest...

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